"José Angel Figueroa’s


Craft and Style

Speaks sounds

Of Heat and Soul."

AMINA BARAKA, poet, actress, author,

community organizer, singer, and dancer


"...This collection of voices created by José Angel Figueroa is what remains when you “can’t kill relentless faith born from the spirituals of stardust and many rivers."

— PEGGY ROBLES-ALVARADO, Award-winning poet and

editor of Mujeres, The Magic, The Movement,

and The Muse and other collections.


"...Each poem in the collection is a lesson of liberation that refuses to be subdued.” 

—PEDRO LÓPEZ ADORNO. Poet, novelist, literary critic,


"... His poetic songs are history telling, screaming with anger over human injustices. He teaches us to discover and listen to our own inner rhythms, and he does this while entertaining the heart and mind.”

—GEORGE MALAVE, Photographer and visual artist

“José Angel time travels through poppy fields divined in the pauses between his shape shifting and spinning of recuerdos. He is a piraguero dousing the coldness of the world with the warmth of his empathic imagination."

—MAGDALENA GOMEZ, Award-winning Poet, Playwright,

Educator, and Poet Laureate of

Springfield, Massachusetts (2019-2021)

 "Always filled with lucidity, love, refuge, respect, fulfillment and self-determination, Figueroa’s poetry is his liberation… his rite of passage… the necessary revolution for us all.”

 — JUAN SÁNCHEZ, Professor of Art, Hunter College, City University of New York


José Angel Figueroa has been a major contributor to the Puerto Rican and Latinx literary movement in the United States. He is best known for powerful social commentary related to the Latinx experience, the colonial oppression of Puerto Rico, and the exploitation of people of color in the United States.  This collection explores a variety of themes and styles —  lyrical and rhythmic, at times autobiographical, and often politically charged,


Rudy Gutierrez created the book's cover and interior artwork. A recognized master artist, his work has been described as "Wall Medicine," ancient yet contemporary, urban in a sense, and musical in feel. His images combine elements of indigenous art with those of urban culture.

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José  Angel Figueroa was among the first New York poets to introduce his writings, in Spanish, to readers in Puerto Rico. Noo Jork captures the joys and hardships of the Puerto Rican migration experience. This collection of poems was published by the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1981 under the direction of Don Ricardo Alegria, Puerto Rico's most renowned  scholar, cultural anthropologist, and archeologist.


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