RED SUGARCANE PRESS is delighted to announce the publication of its first children's book, VICKI and A Summer of Change! ¡VICKI y un verano de cambio! written by award-winning authors, Raquel M. Ortiz and Iris Morales.


Inspired by actual events, the book recounts what happened in East Harlem, New York in 1969 when the activist Young Lords Organization united with residents to make positive neighborhood changes. The Young Lords organized in Puerto Rican communities across the United States pursuing justice and human rights.

The story follows Vicki and her older sister, Valencia, who live in East Harlem. Rotting garbage overwhelms the streets because city sanitation trucks rarely pick up the trash. Determined to make a change, the Young Lords start sweeping the streets. Neighbors   jump in eagerly, and Vicki joins them. “You’re never too young to make a difference!” her sister says. Together they discover they can help change their community and the world.


VICKI and A Summer of Change! ¡VICKI y un verano de cambio! is a bilingual book for children 5 to 8 years old. Topics of social and environmental justice are presented in an accessible and age-appropriate way.