This award-winning play was first produced at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre in New York City and videotaped for the archives at The Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts.


JULIA DE BURGOS: CHILD OF WATER is a surrealistic play that takes Julia on a journey through her life. In much of Julia’s poetry, she writes about a division within herself and frequently complained about the chaos that her SOUL caused her. Her SOUL is the part of her that is the artist and the fighter that continuously confronts society’s prejudices. In CHILD OF WATER, the SOUL is treated as a separate character. The play breaks time and space and takes place in the chasm between life and death.


The publication of JULIA DE BURGOS: CHILD OF WATER coincided with the centennial anniversary of her birth. Julia de Burgos is one of Puerto Rico's most influential poets. She was born February 17, 1914 in Carolina, Puerto Rico and died in New York City on  July 6, 1953. 


Carmen Rivera is an OBIE Award winning playwright whose works have been performed in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America and abroad.