This book examines the rise of feminism in the Young Lords Party from 1969 to 1972 and the factors that advanced or derailed it.


The Young Lords Party fought for the rights of Puerto Ricans and the decolonization of Puerto Rico. Feminist members brought a focus to gender justice, challenging sexist ideas and practices. Women members also organized for equality, racial justice, reproductive rights, workers' rights, childcare, an end to gender violence, among other issues. The interplay between nationalism and feminism ushered in a new militancy that advanced the organization and the Puerto Rican community. In this seminal period for US feminists of color, the feminists in the Young Lords Party allied with African American, Chicana, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous feminists, committed to ending poverty, racism, and the exploitation and oppression of women.


Feminists were integral to the Young Lords' activism. The herstory detailed in the book provides a multilayered and nuanced account of the organization and the times.


REVISITING HERSTORIES fills an overlooked chapter in Puerto Rican, women’s, and social movement history, not just to interpret the past but also to shape the future.


EDNA ACOSTA-BELÈN, Distinguished Professor Emerita, University at Albany, SUNY summarizes:

“Iris Morales makes an important addition, giving due recognition to the transformative work that audacious visionary women can accomplish through unwavering determination, shared solidarity, and collective action. Morales continues to be an inspiring voice to new generations of Puerto Ricans eager to learn about their history and legacy of struggles for social, racial, and gender justice in US society and to forge ahead in giving continuity to those battles.”


BARBARA RANSBY, Professor, writer, longtime activist, and author of the award-winning Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement writes:

“Puerto Rico has been the site of resistance to colonial domination for generations, with struggles against racism and gender injustice intensifying in recent years. Iris Morales brings experience and talent to elevate the voices of Puerto Rican feminists. This book is about the heroic struggles of the Puerto Rican people but is a must read for all of us fighting, hoping, and working for a more just future everywhere.”


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