La caída de Rafael Trujillo, new play by Carmen Rivera permieres in October 2014

Teatro Círculo celebrates its 20th Anniversary with the premiere of a new play by Carmen Rivera, La caída de Rafael Trujillo, about the events that led to the implosion of a ruthless dictatorship that governed the Dominican Republic with an iron fist and massive blood shed for more than 30 years.


Carmen Rivera sets up the events--internal uprisings, betrayal, international pressures and political intrigue -- as well as personal failures that led to the downfall of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. "The play reflects on the resiliency of so many Latin Americans who have survived the trauma and violence of dictatorships and moved forward despite the enormous challenges faced in their respective societies,” explains the playwright.


This is a limited engagement: October 16 to November 2, 2014 at Teatro Círculo’s newly renovated theater at 64 East 4th Street (Between Bowery and 2nd Avenue) in New York City performed in Spanish with English subtitles. Evening performances take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Shows start at 8pm. Matinee performances on Sunday start at 3pm.

For tickets & info:
Phone: 866 811 4111
$25 General Admission; $20 Students, Seniors & Groups of 15+


Production directed by award-winning director Cándido Tirado and features a formidable  cast: Iván Camilo (as Johnny Abbes), Johary Ramos (as ensemble/various roles), Adriana Sananes (as Doña María, wife of Gen. Trujillo), Renoly Santiago (as Don Paco Escribano), Fermín Suárez (as Joaquin Balaguer), Ed Trucco (as Diplomat),  Eva Cristina Vásquez (as the lover of Gen. Trujillo) and in the lead role of Trujillo, José Cheo Oliveras. Set design by Jorge Dieppa and lighting design by María Cristina Fusté. Harry Nadal designed the historical costumes and Rubén Darío Cruz is the multimedia designer. For this production, noted Dominican scholar and historian José Novas has been the dramaturgical and cultural consultant; Bersaida Vega translated the play into Spanish.

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