RED SUGARCANE PRESS is an independent press dedicated to books about the Puerto Rican and Latin@ Diasporas in the Americas.  We publish authors whose works break new ground, educate, entertain, and inspire.  Their voices are rooted in the journey of indigenous and African peoples who from enslavement to the present have triumphed through the courage and tenacity of many generations.



JOSE ANGEL FIGUEROA is one of the poets associated with the early years of the Neorican literary movement and the Nuyorican Poets Café in the United States.

MAGDALENA GOMEZ  is an award-winning performance poet, playwright and theater director.  Her work has been widely performed and anthologized.

CARMEN RIVERA is an OBIE award-winning playwright whose works are widely presented across the United States, Latin America and Europe. 

FELIX ROJAS is a writer, director and producer who has written several plays and a feature film presented at venues throughout New York. 

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SHAMELESS PERFUME - new scent from Alkemia


 SHAMELESS is a new perfume -- an olfactory homage to Magdalena Gomez -- released by the Alkemia arts family.  It's available as a special combo package with Shameless Woman, Magdalena's book of poetry .



RED SUGARCANE PRESS does not accept or read unsolicited manuscripts.